What makes a great dog friendly hotel

There are a lot of elements that encompass a truly great hotel. While the average person could be happy with a hotel that has friendly staff together with great amenities, there are other hotel visitors that will focus on other needs especially when they travel around with their dog. Hotels should make it a point to create a great experience for guests regardless if they travel by themselves or with their dogs.

Some of the things that make a pet friendly hotel include the facilities, the delicacies and dishes available for the pets and able staff that will be able to assist pet owners with whatever they would need. To make it really understandable, we’ll take the time to check and discuss about each and everyone of these elements.

Dog Friendly Facilities – there are a lot of dog friendly hotel rooms in a lot of hotels these days. Each room has been fitted with different things that will make it a comfortable stay not only for the pet owner but also for the pets themselves. There are some hotels that lend or offer high quality kennels and cages for guests bringing in their pet dogs or cats. Aside from kennels and cages these rooms are also designed to keep your pets from getting hurt while they run around or frolic inside the room. These rooms are free from sharp edges are also carpeted.

Enjoyment – A lot of hotels now feature different entertainment and health options for the pets brought in by their guests. Some of the more common facilities that are now appearing in hotels are grooming clinics and pet spas. Grooming clinics offer different services for pets including baths, nail grooming, fur grooming and a whole bunch of other things. These clinics and grooming salons also provide different services that can serve as a bonding session for owners as they take short breaks with pets. There are also places where your pet can get the exercise they would need as these places usually come equipped with health equipments that can be used for pets.

Delicacies – One of the perks of staying in a hotel during travelling is the fact that there will always be good food waiting in the wing. Humans aren’t the only ones looking forward to chow down on scrumptious delicacies these days as there are now a lot of pet friendly hotel chains and franchises that offer healthy and delicious food for pets and their owners. These dishes are recommended by veterinarians and are locked and loaded with the necessary ingredients that’ll provide your dog or your cat with the energy and the proteins they would need to grow stronger and bigger.

Able Staff – a hotel should not be considered a dog friendly hotel if there are no veterinarians staying in the hotel or at the very least a nearby veterinary clinic just a call away. Accidents happen and the best way to go about this is to have a vet ready and on-standby waiting to help guests who brought along their pets.